BlogHer Food 2013-Part 2

After a great evening Thursday and lot of learning on Friday I was ready for more food! Some fellow bloggers and I were lucky enough to go to a little happy hour gathering at Swift's Attic, hosted by the National Mango Board. We had a delicious little menu of mango drinks and appetizers. I loved seeing new food combinations that I had never thought of and of course, great company and a beautiful locale never hurt either. Thanks for having me, Mango Board! 

 My favorite ladies! Janssen from Everyday Reading and Kristin from The Fresh Find

Amazing brussel sprout, mango and bacon salad. 
So excited to share this recipe with you soon! 

 These little sausage sliders with mango relish were so good! Sweet and tangy. 

Virgin spicy mango margaritas for us!

Saturday was the last day of the conference and had
 all kinds of fun treats as well as great workshops. 

 Who wouldn't love a cotton candy break???

 This was a great photography workshop hosted by Sabrina of The Tomato Tart and Irvin of Eat the Love. They were hilarious and I learned a lot!

 More delicious snacks...all kinds of whoopie pie flavors
 Lunch on Saturday was provided by The Pork Board and made by East Side King at the Grackle. I had the fried pork buns with Asian potato salad and pickled cucumbers
 and everything was delicious!
 (even in the 100 degree heat!)

 Pork Ribeye with collard greens 

 Pork skewers

 All my cute bloggy friends! 

It was so wonderful to meet a follower of my blog and another wonderful food blogger- Meagan from the Baker Mama. She is fabulous so definitely check out her blog. 

Kristin and Katie again :)

Have I mentioned how great Amee from Rabbit Food Rocks is? 

We had so much fun exploring our blogs, metrics, social media and bouncing ideas off of each other!

After the conference was over we started our night by visiting the famous 

I can't vouch for the traditional beer but I had a nice refreshing root beer on their gorgeous patio. 

They are known for their big pretzels and homemade jerkies. Yum!

Hanging with Shef from Shef's Kitchen and Ben from You Fed a Baby Chili?

And although I had a fabulous weekend meeting new blogger friends and learning how to do social media etc. I haev to admit I was giddy as a school girl to meet these ladies!!!

After Easy Tiger we headed to the BlogHer Food closing party held at Stubbs BBQ 
for dinner, music and saying goodbyes :(

It was hosted by:


Who I was lucky enough to meet below! 
Can you tell I was super excited? hehe. They were super sweet too! 
Thanks for hosting ladies and it was great to meet you! 

Amazing ribs and good brisket, beans, and mac & cheese

Janssen and I were loving the 70's cover band :)

Bing provided delicious ice cream sandwiches from Cool Haus. I had chcoolate chip cookies with strawberry mint ice cream and they were fabulous! 

The famous hostesess: Elise from Simply Recipes, Ree-The Pioneer Woman and Jaden from Steamy Kitchen. They were pretty funny too. 

Ninja also had an awesome photo booth that I forgot to show photos from! 
 My new friends! My new friends (from left to right): Shef @ Shefs Kitchen, Kristin @ The Fresh Find, Me- Kasee @ The Apron Gal, Katie @ Butterlust , Amee @ Rabbit Food Rocks, Janssen @ Everyday Reading

I had a great weekend! Thanks to BlogHer and all my new friends for making it fabulous!!

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