Since I was born and raised in Texas, a love of good food was in my blood. My dad is a great cook and he taught me much of what I know today. The rest I figured out as I cooked for my family growing up and then roommates in college and today, for my husband. Cooking is a retreat for me. I love to turn up the music and have every ingredient from the pantry on the counter as I experiment with flavors and tastes. 

I try to create simple, delicious and beautiful food for everyone. Sometimes I will post more exotic or time consuming recipes but most should be easy enough for the beginner cook. I also hope to teach you some cooking techniques as well as open your eyes to new spices, vegetables and ethnic foods whenever possible. I will share some of my favorite recipes from my travels and new ones from my everyday life.

I have become  The Apron Gal, changing aprons based on the day, the meal or the event. I never knew how many aprons I had until one day I counted and realized I had acquired a dozen or so. As I looked at my aprons, each one told a story. One apron was from my MeMaw for Christmas. Another was from my husband when we were first dating. Another I bought during my travels in Europe. Those are just a few of the stories of my aprons. 

Each apron tells its own story and each is part of me.  I love cooking without inhibitions and my aprons help me do that as I seem to always end up covered in whatever I am cooking or baking. 

So that is how I became The Apron Gal. I will share weekly recipes and entertaining ideas along with anything else I think is worth sharing!

Take a look around and I hope you find some good food and come back again and again!

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The Apron Gal life story: Born and raised in Texas, I met my husband three years ago after a sneaky friend pushed us together. I dragged him back to Texas after graduating from college and now we are looking forward to jobs, kids and all of life's adventures in the coming years. We love to cook, eat, travel and blog! I hope you enjoy my food blog!