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If you hadn't already heard that Google Reader will be shut down on July 1st then I hate to be the one to break it to you! I know a lot of blog followers use this to keep up with their many blogs they read. 

Well I wanted to offer you a few other options if you are looking for new ways to manage your Apron Gal subscription and of course, those other blogs you read!

Feedly-This is the best option if you want the exact same style as Google Reader. You can even import the blogs you follow from Google Reader. They also have a cell phone app, iPad app and add-ons for your browser. Plus you can divide by categories like friends, family, food blogs (ahem, The Apron Gal). 

Facebook-Like The Apron Gal on Facebook to keep up with all my posts as well as bonus instagram photos and thoughts.

Twitter-Never miss a post and hear the occasional musing. @theaprongal

Bloglovin- This is a great tool to follow multiple blogs all in one place. You can follow me here

Subscribe by email- Get all my posts delivered directly to your inbox the day they are posted. Use the handy sign up found in the column to the right.

RSS Feed- Use Feedburner or subscribe here.

Instagram- You  can see all the food I eat instantaneously instead of waiting around for the end of the month Insta-Yum post! Also, the occasional cute kitten or pair of shoes may appear. @TheApronGal


Please let me know if I missed any options! I'd love for you to keep up with the blog and I'd love to hear from you!

I'm always interested in my readers and there blogs, 
please leave your website in the comments so I can check it out and follow you back!

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