BlogHer Food 2013- Part 1

When I heard BlogHer Food was going to be held in Austin this year I was really excited that it was going to be in my own city! I've never been to a blogging conference  before and  I wasn't sure if it was for me or if it would be worth it. I finally made the leap and I'm so glad I did! 

The weekend was filled with tons of food, new blogger friends, and lots of learning. 

We started the weekend off right with an event hosted by the Austin Food Blog Alliance with Whole Foods Market called Bites & Bloggers to welcome our blogger friends to Austin! It had female chefs from all around Austin making delicious bites for us and was a delicious night!

Prepare for  picture overload-sorry!

 This was by far my favorite dish- a clam and corn fritter with mango salsa 
from Max's Wine Dive. 

 Beautiful local tomatoes. 

 Farm tomatoes with goat cream, sugo and radish sprouts from Hillside Farmacy

Ensalada Callejera from El Alma Cafe. 

 I loved their adorable presentation with the mason jars and rice. 

 Guajillo Barbacoa Shrimp from el Alma Cafe

 Seriously these cookies melted in my mouth and I'm not a big sugar cookie fan. 

 This prickly pear sorbet was also delicious. So flavorful. 

 Texas Sweet Corn Pudding with Poteet Blackberry, Saffron, Caramel Corn. I loved the little blackberry caviar and the caramel corn was this perfect contrast of texture from 
Sway in Austin. 

 Sweet Corn Bread, zucchini, tomato, eggplant slaw, with Goat Gouda from epicerie in Austin.

 Hamachie crudo from Congress 

 Peach, honey, thyme, and graham cracker parfait from Foreign & Domestic 

I had such a great time getting to meet these lovely ladies!
 Definitely check out their blogs, they are all fabulous! 
 Kristin from The Fresh Find and Amee from Rabbit Food Rocks 

 Janssen from Everyday Reading and Me!

 Shefaly from Shef's Kitchen and Cheryl from Freedible 

The next day was filled with workshops, meeting lots of bloggers 
and trying to absorb everything I learned!  
Kristin, Me, and Katie from Butterlust Blog

There were all kinds of food exhibitors that kept us fed all day long! It was so fun trying foods and becoming more educated about different kinds of foods. 

 These truffles were so sinful I could only have a tiny bite! 

 Cooking demos using Pompeian Grapeseed Oil. Such a healthier alternative. 

 Grabbing snacks and loot! 

Dole made cocktails with their fruits in a cup.
 Too bad they didn't make any non-alcoholic ones for me to try!

Yummy puddings from KozyShack

 Gluten free goodies from Udi's

 Root chips from the Hilton-I could eat these all day. 
Pulled pork made in the Ninja crock pot-so tender and delicious. 

Ok that's part 1-I'll show you more awesome parties next time! 

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