Insta-Yum May!

It's that time again! Check out my eats from May! 

 Remember the bake sale? This Ooey Gooey Chex Mex I made was addicting!

 Other goodies from the Austin Bakes for West Bake Sale. Yum!

 Flame broiled burger with fries from Top Notch in Austin
This place is just plain ol' fast food. Nothing special. I wouldn't return.

 This doesn't look that special but was delicious- fingerling potatoes with a ham and jalapeno filled omelet. The omelet got most of its salt from the ham and it was a perfect combination. 

 My first Elevation Burger and fries. The fries were delicious and the burger was nice and clean (In and Out style). It's nice that all their beef is grassfed and 100% organic. I would definitely return, plus if you sign up for their text alerts you get periodic free items and discounts.

 I'm hungry even thinking about this Bacon Chicken Ranch pizza 
from Garlic Breath Pizza Company in Round Rock. Loved it!

 This is on my to try list for next time at Buc-Ee's but they had a whole display case filled with different kinds of jerkies! 

 The pepperoni calzone on the lunch menu at Olive Garden. It was pretty good, not great, but not nearly as good as the Chicken Parmesan sandwich from last month.

 Delicious fish tacos from The Spot in Galveston on the waterfront. 
I actually had a shrimp po-boy and it was delicious too.

 We returned to Benno's for cajun seafood again this year and it was great! 
Spicy shrimp and potatoes with buttered bread.

 Our health filled feast on on our recent Friendcation to Galveston with friends. :)

 The Tortuga Sampler from Tortuga Mexican Restaurant in Galveston with quesadillas, coconut shrimp, beef nachos and those egg looking things were shrimp and cheese jalapenos (they were way too big and filled with way too much cheese!). Pretty good overall for beach town food.

 Vanilla and chocolate swirled custard from Rita's.
 I love how smooth and almost buttery their custard is.

 All that was left of my amazing burger with sweet potato fries from Red Robin. I had the Whiskey River BBQ burger and I loved those little onion crunchies on it! 

 Chicken salad sandwich with broccoli cheese soup from Newk's Eatery

 Crunchy chicken salad with the most amazing buttered croissant I have ever tasted from Cheddar's. I loved my food and so did Jason and it was so reasonably priced. I still prefer local non chain restaurants when possible but this is a great alternative to Chili's. 

 The best oysters I have ever had. They were grilled and covered in Parmesan, parsley and butter and dang, were they delicious. From Aw Shucks Oyster Bar in Lewisville (Dallas). 
We also had the combo platter with the snow crab, which was good (just a lot of work!) and they have some really good hush puppies too! 

 My beautiful basil plants at my garden. I hope to have some basil filled recipes soon!

Perfect mac and cheese with toasted bread crumbs from Corner Bakery.

Any new recommendations? 

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