Chinese Chicken Salad

I will be posting a few salads that I have made in recent days that I strongly recommend. Two are my recipes, while the other is from Favorite Family Recipes. However, today its just the one.

I recently had some extra ingredients on hand that went together perfectly for a Chinese Chicken Salad.

Sorry there are no measurements, but I think you can handle it!

Iceberg lettuce-chopped
1 Boneless chicken breast
1 tangerines or oranges (if you have them)
1 carrot-shredded
Bean sprouts
Chow mein noodles
Rice noodles-cooked
Green onions
Toasted sesame seeds

First, a note: As always I used a lot of what I happened to have. Don't worry if you don't have all of those ingredients. I would bet you could add or subtract nicely with peanuts, water chestnuts, ramen noodles etc. Whatever your heart desires. This just happens to be my version.

Cook the chicken breast as you desire. For me, I usually cut up the chicken into bite sized pieces and then put some olive oil in a skillet. I cook the chicken over medium high heat with some garlic salt and its always great.

To toast the sesame seeds, I set the oven to broil and place them directly on a cookie sheet. Then I just wait until they have turned light brown (aka toasted). [Pay attention though as I left my first batch too long and they were black]

Then I cook the rice noodles. Rice noodles are thin and clear then you cook them in oil and they look like this! (Think what they put in the lettuce wraps at P.F. Changs) See the picture:

Shred the carrots, chop the lettuce and wash any other necessary additions.
Toss the lettuce and other ingredients together. I used an Asian salad dressing (Wishbone Salad Spritzers Asian Silk that I found at the 99cent store)  but I am sure you could make your own!

As long as there is enough chicken this should be substantial enough for dinner, perhaps best served with dessert. Or you could make egg drop soup or hot and sour. I made egg drop once and it was super easy and o so fun. [I loved stirring the egg in to get those stringy strands-very fun] Or use my previous egg roll recipe or try making your own wontons [I haven't gotten there yet]


Note: This recipe is gluten free without the chow mein noodles & just check your dressing!

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