Challenge Post 1

Today for dinner I made something I saw on Every Italian with Giada. Click here for the recipe.

I had all the ingredients at home but I did have Jason pick up some fresh French bread on the way home. If you don't pick up fresh French bread every couple weeks you are missing out. It really is such a nice addition to any meal and as soon as it starts getting stale you can use it for toast or for croutons....anyways, I am getting distracted by my love of bread.

So I must admit, this is my first time using butternut squash and I liked it! But I'm still acquiring my taste for all squash in general...moving on.

So you roast the butternut squash and onions together in olive oil until they get a nice crisp on the bottom but are soft in general (sorry I didn't take a picture!). Then boil your pasta and pay close attention to save your pasta water!

So here are a few of my suggestions for this recipe. 
1. I cut the recipe in half because I am cheap and didn't want to buy so much goat cheese. I bought a package of 3.5 ounces which would have been fine had I not used too much pasta water and made it too runny. So be careful! I did manage to save mine by adding a heftier amount of Parmesan cheese.

2. I used some dried basil, because again I am cheap, however I did see fresh basil plants for only 2.99 at Trader Joe's which is a steal. I thought it was a nice soft flavor, but I am sure the fresh basil leaves are fabulous as well. 

3. This recipe makes it seem as if the walnuts are optional, but I am telling you, USE THEM! They add a very necessary crunchy texture. I burned mine a little and left them out, but the ones I did add were great and I missed having more. 

4. I do think this recipe needs quite a bit more flavor so I kept adding a mixture salt, garlic salt, and freshly ground pepper and the result was fabulous. Season to taste with the Parmesan as well. 

5. I also added a pan seared chicken breast seasoned with salt, pepper, and basil and it added a little protein which Jason always requests.

Anyhoo, look at that! It was great eating it outside & Jason devoured it!


  1. YUM! That sounds so good! I will have to try it. How cute that you went to a park and had a picnic at an outdoor concert!

  2. Looks great! Did the ants get to enjoy some? Wait, are there ants out there? Probably not like our TX fire ants! Love your blog :)


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