Secrets & Wishes

Ok, I find it only fair to share these secrets with all of you out there. {all 2 of you}

I am obsessed with food blogs. This also includes food gadgets, farmers' markets, bulk food shopping and cookbooks, but primarily I am obsessed with food blogs. In particular these:

They make good old fashioned normal delicious food. You won't often see crazy ingredients or expensive meals-which for me, is often what I want. They have great chicken dishes along with how to do fondue and all kinds of other great meals. Also, they imitate restaurant dishes until they find the perfect copycat recipe. They have several Cafe Rio ones along with some from the Hard Rock Cafe, etc. I have some things I have made from there that I will be sharing soon.

2. Smitten Kitchen
I haven't been a huge fan of hers other than looking occasionally but I was converted today. She does more exotic out of the box recipes-always with some flair. I have to admit I haven't made anything from her yet, but I promise I will. More importantly, I found this post from her entitled "Build your own Smitten Kitchen" which tells you what essentials every kitchen needs along with where to find them. I only hope the links still work by the time I can afford some of them. {wish = buy everything on the list NOW!} She is a witty writer- read her about section and even tips on how to take food photos

3. Our Best Bites
This is a major contender for my favorite which is why I put it last. They make delicious fun recipes that combine a little of the aforementioned Blog #1 and Blog #2. Their recipes might require a new ingredient like panko bread crumbs but they are reasonable and usually something you have been wanting to try {if you are anything like me}. A great resource for party foods. They also give great tutorials

Each of these blogs has ways to search by ingredient or recipe, frequently asked questions, tips and tutorials and most popular recipes. Dive right in and ENJOY!

Look at my other blog on the bottom right for links to other great food blogs & my other friends' amazing blogs. Erin does gorgeous posts with unique recipes and Aimee does great recipes too. 

Sadly, I wish I didn't share these with you because if you can go directly to the source, why bother looking at my food blog? However, I will be posting more of my own recipes, recipes from my father {a master chef}, and recipes from the great cookbooks I have at home. Please stay with me, whoever you are. 


  1. I made lemon bars using a recipe from Smitten Kitchen, they were delicious and I'm so glad you introduced me to Favorite Family Recipes. Don't worry, I'll stay with you!

  2. hmm, i love food blogs too. i'm basically addicted to them. :D

  3. We'll never leave you, Kasee. Promise you will cook for us this summer.


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