S'mores Puddings

My husband and I recently bought our first home and it has been a ton of work but SO much fun too! We are finally feeling settled and we are loving our beautiful new home. It is a great house for entertaining and we  have enjoyed creating the our own perfect home.

To celebrate settling in to our new digs we had a really informal gathering with our close friends. I didn't want to dirty the kitchen with a super elaborate dessert but I still wanted to do something cute!

Since I had just organized my pantry I knew I had graham crackers, chocolate pudding and marshmallows on hand and voila! S'mores puddings were born! (You know I love any excuse to make anything with a S'mores theme!) I loved serving them in cute little serving dishes just for fun and we especially loved torching the marshmallows with my Creme Brulee torch-if you have one, this is a great time to use it! 

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S'mores Puddings
The Apron Gal

Makes 4 small pudding desserts

*1 package (3.9 ounces) Chocolate Fudge Instant Jell-O pudding with 2 cups milk
2-4 squares graham crackers, roughly crushed
Mini marshmallows (around 1 cup but depends how many you like!)
Chocolate syrup (optional)


Make the pudding according to the package instructions (whisk with 2 cups cold milk). Let the pudding set for 5 minutes. 

Layer the pudding, crushed graham crackers and mini marshmallows in each serving bowl. (The more layers the cuter it looks!)

Optional: Top with mini marshmallows and torch to get that true s'mores experience! Top with chocolate syrup if desired. 

*Cook's note: You can use regular chocolate pudding but the chocolate fudge pudding is richer and adds more flavor so definitely try to use it! 


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