Baby Boy Shower

My good friend Jaymie and I wanted to shower our friend Jen since she is pregnant with her first baby-a little boy! Since this was awhile ago and she is due so soon I figured I had better blog about it soon!

We didn't have a specific theme per se, just cute baby stuff, good food and great friends.

Onesies are always a cute and practical decoration-
of course, these were part of our gift to Jen.
This is one of my favorite shower games called "Wishes for Baby." Everyone answers the same questions about their wishes for your baby and they are so sweet to read from your close friends and family. You can download them online for free here

The nail polish was for the game winners. 

I always try to have fresh fruits and vegetables at showers or any gathering, to balance out all the other calories and sugar they usually consist of. Almost always, the vegetable and fruit bowls are empty at the end of the party. People will snack on carrots before, during and after dinner.
 (Even more if there is a yummy dip involved!)
I made a delicious dill yogurt dip that I loved but kind of threw together. I plan to make it again and write the recipe for y'all soon!
My friend Jaymie made an awesome artichoke spinach dip IN THE CROCK POT. It was seriously so flavorful and so easy. I'll twist her arm to get y'all the recipe. 

We served my signature pulled pork sandwiches on mini Hawaiian rolls and 
they were the perfect shower food: filling but dainty. 
Definitely check out my pulled pork crock pot recipe if you haven't already.

Frog eye salad- A traditional Utah salad that I hadn't tried until recently.
 And I am a huge fan. Recipe coming soon!
Salad with avocado and tomato that my friend Allison brought. Yum!
Giant mint chocolate chip cookie!
 I purchased 3 different patterns of fabric and laid them on the table as a fake table runner. It was great doing that because then I could use the fabric again for whatever I wanted!

We also had a "Make your own Banana pudding bar." It was a big hit! We didn't cut the bananas until we were ready to eat them so they didn't brown and we kept the pudding chilled until right before, but you could set it on a bowl of ice if you wanted to have it all out when your guests arrived.

We seem to be attending a lot of baby showers recently so we decided to throw caution to the wind and do minute it to win it style games instead of the traditional baby shower games. Not to mention our mother to be is a true athlete and competitor and
 we thought she might enjoy that more!

We played one game where people had to run across the room with a straw and a tiny marshmallow and not drop it. It provided lots of laughter and I'm so glad we did it. Note the intensity of the contestants below.

The beautiful mom to be! (p.s. I hope I'm this cute when I'm pregnant)

The next game is where people put an Oreo on their forehead and then have to get it in their mouths with no hands. I got to photograph this and it was seriously hilarious. Everyone was so focused and they couldn't see each other. Highlight of the party! :)

And of course she got cute baby boy clothes!

Some of the party ladies!

Me, Jen and Jaymie (the best co-hostess)
Jaymie made this super cute backdrop for photos which I loved!

Love you Jen! Hope you had as much fun as we did! 

Do you love regular shower games or do you think the 
minute to win it style is a good idea?

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