Insta-Yum July

I love doing these posts because it makes me happy to see all the fun places I have been last month. The only problem is they make me so hungry!!

Amazing Fajitas from Morelia's Mexican Grill in Round Rock
Ham and cheese crescent rolls, just roll up the ham and
 cheese in canned crescent rolls and voila, dinner!

Wide noodles with broccoli from Thai Spoon
Wide noodles are my favorite!
Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri from . De-lect-able.
Flauta plate from
Lots of unhealthy appetizers from Opal Divine's  (these were just okay, not great)

The best salad I have ever had in my life. Steak salad with onion strings,
 blue cheese and a warm nut vinaigrette from Central Market in Austin.
Warm cookies from Tiff's Treats in Austin. 
They are a cookie delivery company in Austin where they deliver freshly baked, warm cookies.Yum! 
I had a Living Social deal for these so they were cheap too!
The S'mores pie from McDonald's, was awful. Don't spend even $.79 on one!
Rudy's Texas BBQ. The best brisket, potatoes and creamed corn around!
French dip sandwich with Caesar salad from La Madeleine.
Mighty Fine burgers and fries, love those crinkly fries. 
The same people who own Rudy's BBQ own Mighty Fine-apparently they have a genius family.
Frito pie in a bag at the Round Rock Express game at the Dell Diamond. Reminds me of growing up in Texas, LOVE IT!
Mac and cheese with Caesar salad from Corner Bakery. So good!
Dinner at home: Cous cous with steamed asparagus and broiled pork chops. Mmm.
Chicken tacos from Lupe Tortilla. These were good but not as great as I was expecting.
Penne Rustica from Romano's Macaroni Grill. I think this is the only thing on the menu there that I like. The last 2 things I ordered before this were awful.
Finally, my Blue Bell fix. This was a good flavor but not my favorite. I am still on the hunt for my favorite! I think mint chocolate chip is the leading one.

And now that you have seen this post, you know why I am going to start Weight Watchers on September 1st. Don't worry, you will still get lots of great recipes!

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