Caramel Apples

For Halloween I made (and ate) caramel apples for the first time! Not only were they delish but they were super easy and fun!

You will need:

 Some beautiful Granny Smith apples
 The easy caramels for melting (look for the sticks in the bin where you found these)

Your favorite candies or toppings

To begin, wash and dry your apples. Then chop up your topping into small pieces so they will stick easily when you roll the caramel apple in them.

 Then have your strong husband stick the wooden sticks into the apples for you.
 Place your bits into a pan with 2 TBS water. Do not eat any cause they are cute and tasty. 
Heat over medium low heating, stirring constantly and watch as they start gradually melting.

 It should get a little clumpier.

Then smooth and pretty. 

Make sure you have your topping all ready and a cookie sheet with greased (well!) waxed paper. 
Have your toppings in a row so you can roll your apple directly across the toppings. 

Tilt your pan so you can get the most caramel to dip your apples in. Don't be afraid to go pretty deep in the apple. Then twirl it so it gets all around the apple. Then shake the excess off before rolling in your toppings of choice and placing on the cookie sheet. 

 Refrigerate at least 30 minutes or until hardened! You can drizzle with chocolate if desired ( I so desired but did not exert such effort and truth be told we didn't need any extra calories!)
 Cut up your apples to share & try all your toppings! Enjoy &
Happy Fall!


  1. Yumm!! Those look great. I was just thinking how I wanted to try and make caramel apples sometime. Thanks for sharing!

  2. um yum!!! I want one right this minute! Thanks for posting this, I've actually never made these before so I was happy to see how to make them, I mean I figured they couldn't be that hard but yeah thanks!!


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