Decorating Tips & Tricks II

As promised, I will share some more tips!

  • These little knobs make a world of difference on our black dresser. We found a box of 6 for $12.99 at TJMaxx. Anthropologie of course has super cute ones too, but will run you at least $6.00 a piece. Look at TJMaxx and Target has cute knobs too. You can put these anywhere and they really add such nice style with just a little touch!

  • This used to be in our kitchen holding cookbooks but we didn't really have a spot for it. It looks nice in our bedroom and adds some extra storage.I am not using this to say buy one of these for your kitchen and then put it in your bedroom but rather, always look for new uses for pieces you already have-it is the cheapest way to redecorate!

  • If I have learned nothing else from watching Clean House on the Style Network it is that a bedroom should be a sanctuary. It should be a place for you or you and your spouse to relax and find solace. This means keeping it clean and clutter free. I often see friends or myself putting all the extra junk in the house in the bedroom. Although this may seem practical because guests rarely enter the bedroom, it doesn't keep the one place for you clean and special! I have grown to really appreciate going to bed and waking up in the morning to a beautiful bedroom, don't undervalue it! 

  • Again, look for creative and beatiful things to store things. Jason got this for me from TJMaxx for $10.00 but it helps keep our dresser clean and I love the colors and beading!

  • This hamper is practically art, I love it! Try to have all things with a function also aesthetically pleasing. If your hamper isn't pretty, put it in the closet so it doesn't take away from the rest of your decor! 
If you have a lot like me, these ideas are for you!

  • The first is a jewelry tree (12 but was exactly what I was looking for!) that I found at TJMaxx, it helps keep my shorter necklaces untangled and from discoloration from touching. It also looks nice on the dresser!
  • The second is a coat rack from Ross (5.99) that I use for my longer necklaces. It is the best thing I have found so far, although still not the best. Perhaps its a sign that I have too much jewelry. 
  • The third is where I keep my earrings. I have three of these containers. You can find them in the craft section or I think mine are from the tackle box section at Walmart or at Cabelas/Bass Pro Shops. They are plastic and have moveable dividers and run you about 4.99 to 5.99 worth every penny!

  • Our bathroom counter needed a little something but I knew Jason wouldn't want any clutter. I thought of this serving dish I had in the kitchen and brought it to the bathroom. Again, function and style. Again, different use for something I already had. It looks clean and keeps things handy that I use!
  • I used this cute hanger for my robe. That way its there when I need it and my robe adds color to the bathroom. 
  • This is the other side of the bathroom counter. I mixed different heights with different colors with different textures. 2 practical and 1 decorative makes the corner just right!

  • We have a nice big storage room but since its filled with junk (the one room that is allowed to be!) I don't like seeing it. So I bought a 3 dollar tension curtain rod from Walmart and one drape from TJMaxx for $10. voila! Instant hiding of clutter! 

That's it for now!

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  1. cute cute cute. and i totally agree on the santuary thing. chris and I have always stored junk in our bedroom, but now that we have a basement i'm really going to try to make our bedroom a clutter free relaxing place.

    and I'm seriously jealous of your jewlery collection.


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