Egg Rolls & Tempura

Ok, so this post is all about Asian foods. On Sunday we made homemade eggrolls, sushi, and tempura.
This will be long with lots of pictures but worth it! These foods are so much fun to make! Perfect for date or family night!

First, an appetizer. Eggrolls. (This is the recipe I got from the eggroll wrapper package that I am remembering by heart, feel free to use what you find on your wrappers) This recipe yields 20 eggrolls-reduce recipe accordingly if you only want to make 1/2. I would only do 20 if you are having a party or like leftovers (like my husband).

1 package premade eggroll wrappers (look in refrigerator section next to produce-look hard!)
1 lb your choice of ground pork, beef, or chicken or tofu if you like! (I did pork)
2 cups chopped cabbage
1/2  cup shredded carrot
handful of bean sprouts to taste
3 green onions
1 tsp minced garlic
Ground or fresh ginger to taste
2 tbs teriyaki sauce (or fish sauce if you have it)

Lightly brown the ground pork with the ginger and garlic in a skillet. Then add all of the vegetables and stir for 2 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool. Once cool, stir in teriyaki sauce.

Remove wrappers from package and follow instructions for making eggrolls. Put 2 tbsps of eggroll mixture in center of each diagonal wrapper. Then fold bottom up, right side in, left side in and top down. Use water on edges to seal it in.

 Place filling.

Fold in sides until it looks kind of like an envelope. 

Fry eggrolls in skillet on medium. Be careful not to let them burn or they wont be very pretty! I used tongs and held each side in the oil until each part of the wrapper went from clear to cooked (see picture).

Serve with sweet and sour sauce! Enjoy!

Vegetables & Shrimp in Tempura

Tempura is a sweet batter used for frying foods in Japanese cooking. 

All we did for these was buy a bag of tempura mix (look in your Asian food section of your grocery store) and use whatever we had at home or there are homemade recipes on the internet if you prefer! We used carrots, brocolli, and shrimp but other things are possible too!

Make the tempura batter according to directions on package. We coated each vegetable individually and then held it in a skillet with oil over high heat. It only took a few seconds for each vegetable but it was a little tiring. I can't say I know a more efficient way but do what works for you. Sorry, I only have an end picture for this one, holding things in hot oil doesn't leave much time for pictures. 

This was one batch of tempura mix from the box and it made this much. One box yields several batches and it usually costs between 2-3 dollars.

Delicous food!

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