Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes

Last Wednesday was the Relief Society Birthday dinner (the Women's group at church). We celebrated the birthday of the organization and also honor women who have recently moved into the ward or turned 18.

I was asked to bake the cupcakes for the event. All 60 of them (which I eventually bumped to around 80 because I get nervous).

My sister in law Nellie gave me this Wilton cake decorator (a stainless steel cylinder that has different tips) and I have been waiting for the perfect excuse to use it! It was great!

I just used mixes for the vanilla, red velvet, and devil's food cupcakes so I won't share any recipes. I did make some mini double chocolate and chocolate buttercream from scratch so click here for the recipe for those. Overall, I had a blast baking and decorating all these cupcakes and I am pretty proud of my creations. :)

My pride and joy :)

Some of my vanilla creations 

Red Velvet Delight

I used various toppings that I had around the house including coconut, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and I used my micrograter to shave chocolate on some of the tops.

Presentation is everything!

With all my cupcakes!


  1. look at you! all fancy! love them!

  2. cute cupcakes! i love that cupcake tower. tres cute.

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