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I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season and a Merry Christmas! I've been soaking in time with family, eating way too much and staring at my baby girl. 


I've been meaning to tell you all about this place since I first discovered it but now that I've attended two classes there, spoken with the owner multiple times and bought all kinds of goodies I can say I'm a true believer!

Make it Sweet is a locally owned cake supply store, baking class mecca and baking gadget heaven! 

They have a full store with hundreds of sprinkles, packaging supplies, gels, tools, molds, packaging supplies, cookie cutters-pretty much anything you would need to be a master baker! It's perfect for the casual baker when looking for sprinkles or chocolates or the aficionado looking for hard to find gadgets and ingredients. 

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They also have a whole separate part of their store where they host classes. They have cake ball, cookie, cake, fondant, macarons, yeast breads....the list is endless!

I have now taken the Pate a Choux class and the Truffles class with the owner, Jennifer, and I seriously loved both of them and have made both items once home again! Whenever I work up the patience, I will blog how to make these but I would definitely recommend taking these classes if you are in the Austin area. 

Now on to some photos of my class adventures at Make it Sweet!

 Jennifer has a great set up with a central teaching spot that has a camera on the ceiling that projects onto the TV so you can keep up with what's happening! She will demonstrate how to make something and then you get to make it yourself with your group. 
It's a great combination of lecture and hands on experience. 

We made Pate a Choux dough-that's the dough that you make cream puffs and eclairs with. I've never made it so I'm glad I took the class to teach me how. 
 A group working on their dough

 Churro bites! These were insanely delicious. 

 Our finished eclairs. Yum! 

My take home box of goodies: eclairs, cream puffs and gougeres

The second class I took was the Truffles class with my friend Jen. We had a blast and made these truffles afterwards for our friends for Christmas!

 Rolling truffles and they were melting and getting all gooey! 

We had so much fun-thanks Make it Sweet! 

This post was all my own- Make it Sweet is awesome but they didn't even know I was doing this post. Go check it out next time you are in Austin. Visit their website for hours, an upcoming class schedule, and contact information. 

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