Meet Austin: Austin Eats Food Tours

I heard about Austin Food Tours not long after I moved to Austin. It's such a simple idea- spend a few hours eating at different places all around Austin, I mean, it didn't take much to sell me! 

They have several different tours around Austin-each with a different theme. The original tour is on Sundays on South Congress but we wanted a Saturday tour. The Saturday tour is the Downtown Tour that starts at the big Farmer's Market and then you walk around town to different restaurants.

A few fun facts about Austin from our tour guide- Austin has over 2200 restaurants and 600 food trucks!  Austin constantly has new restaurants opening constantly and others closing-it's a big hub for eating out and is ranked #3 for eating out in the US! It's only beat out by Dallas and Houston per capita. 

Okay! Onto the food...

Our tour guide!

  1. 1st stop was a delicious breakfast taco from a local favorite- TacoDeli. If you want a local favorite try Migas- it's eggs with corn tortillas in it, it adds a yummy texture element-try it! You'll like it! 

2. This was an impromptu stop by we tried chocolate covered cocoa beans from Cocoa Puro. This is an interesting flavor and texture too- cocoa beans taste very little like chocolate until they are processed and usually you add sugar. I liked it though! 

3.  The Zubik House- They are famous for their traditional Czech kolaches but we got to try this little bite of heaven: Texas toast with pork butt, pickled sauerkrat  and jalapenos. 
This was probably my favorite bite of the whole tour!
4. The Famous Hut's Hamburgers- The oldest restaurant in Austin, it was the only building left after the famous flood in Austin in 1981. They make a good hamburger and an awesome onion ring! check out the huge one below that I only had 1/4 of! And that Barton Springs Root Beer was delicious.

5. Walton's Fancy and Staple- They have a lovely bakery as well as a deli and even flowers for sale. We tried the brownie and the famous "golden egg"-basically a simple but melt in your mouth cookie made with only butter, flour and sugar. I'd love to try even more on my next trip! 

6. Hickory Street- Brisket tacos that I apparently didn't snap a photo of! But they were good and the restaurant had a cute patio and inside. 

7. Cupcakes from delish- I had the Oreo chocolate cupcake and it was, I'll just say it, delish. 

8. Our final stop was the Ginger Man. Since we don't drink we had some root beer but I was so stuffed at this point that I could barely have a sip! (it was good though). 

We had a blast learning about all the different restaurants in town and about Austin in general. I recommend this tour for locals and tourists alike! It would be a fun way to spend a few hours with family in town, wandering around the city and eating good food!

To book your food tour- go to Austin Eats Food Tours.  (They didn't pay me to say that I just had a good time!) 

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