A Halloween Birthday Party!

My birthday is October 20 so I love that if I want  to I can have a Halloween themed party. I was loving the idea of caramel apples and costumes this year so I went for it!

It was also the perfect excuse to invite lots of friends over to see our new house! We had a blast and it was a great birthday! We played a Halloween trivia game I created and did Halloween charades and both were hilarious. 

On to the fun stuff!

The decor:

 I made the banner out of sparkly scrapbook paper.

 Caramel apple fondue bar! It was delicious! Find the recipe here.

 My first holiday tablescape and it makes me so happy!

 Veggies with dill yogurt dip
 Caramel apple muffins!

 White chocolate popcorn with Reese's Pieces. My favorite!
 Pumpkin chocolate chip bread! Mmmm
Finally fulfilled my lifelong costume dream of being a flapper! So fun!

Check out my awesome friends who all dressed up! 
Such good sports. And creative too might I add!

Do you dress up for Halloween? Have big plans? 
 We are passing out candy since we have already partied! 

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