Insta-Yum April

I have some great restaurants to share with y'all in more detail later but for now, here are my eats from this month!

 Coconut crusted chicken with pineapple slaw from the University of Texas. It was yummy but from their catering department so I doubt you can get
 find it unless you attend an intern fair like me! :)

 My new favorite treat from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
 It's one of the cheapest things there and those cookies are giant! 

 Red Chile fries with Cotija cheese and green onions from Jack Allen's Kitchen. We also had the bacon wrapped quail, the blue crab artichoke dip and the pork belly sliders. Everything on their menu is amazing. Locally sourced ingredients, reasonable prices and great service. My husband is obsessed and has been literally 4 times since this time!

 Fat noodles with Chinese broccoli and chicken from Madam Mam's noodle house. 
These were delicious but o so spicy!

 Pulled pork with creamed corn from Uncle Billy's. I have to say-I wasn't that impressed. 
The queso and potato chips were really good but nothing else on the menu was that impressive.
 Fun outdoor patio though.

 The chicken parmigiano sandwich on the lunch menu at Olive Garden.
 It was really good and the perfect size and cheap too!

 Zeppoli donuts from Fat Tony's food truck. I had high hopes for these but they had little flavor and a weird texture. Definitely would not recommend.

 The steak and arugula with fried onions salad from Jack Allen Kitchen. I don't love arugula so I couldn't have done without but it was still really good and as aforementioned, I love Jack Allen. I wouldn't get this again though because there are so many other things I like :)

 Chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce from the AT&T Conference Center at UT. I liked the chocolate part but there was a little too much raspberry sauce for my liking.

 A deliciously perfect Round Rock Donut with sprinkles. I've decided when offered the chance of sprinkles or no sprinkles-always choose sprinkles!

 I received a shipment of Chobani yogurt on my doorstep and was so excited! Can't wait to share a recipe or two with y'all using their awesome Greek yogurt as a starting point. Not to mention this is great sprinkled with my homemade granola!

 The green belt pizza with ricotta, red onions, spinach, grape tomatoes, poblano peppers, and mushrooms. This wasn't my favorite pizza from them but I love their crust, their salads and the lunch specials at Pinthouse Pizza.

Chicken Ranch casserole with sweet potato fries from The Monument Cafe. I didn't like this much at all. I thought it was overpriced, a small menu and nothing special (sorry!). My husband ordered breakfast items for dinner and he really liked them- the waffle and eggs etc. But I won't be going back even though it seem to be a local favorite.

Ok, where have you gone lately that you recommend?

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