A Kitchen Themed Shower

I was lucky enough to host a little bridal shower for one of my friends getting married a couple of weeks ago. 

I chose a loose theme of a vintage kitchen for decor and encouraged everyone to help Margo stock her kitchen!

We had little appetizers, some cute sandwiches for the main course and bite sized desserts. We also played some kitchen games and just enjoyed Girl's Night,

 I loved this blue mason jar from World Market.
 Vintage cookbooks and milk bottle vases filled with baby's breath. 

 My grandmother's egg beaters and a vintage sifter from my good friend, Erin. 

 Cucumber goat cheese and dill crostini and roasted beet crostini.
 I'm kind of in love with these tiny little toasts. So cute. I found a pack of them at Central Market.

 Mini cannoli. I bought the pre-made shells and filled them with a ricotta mini chocolate chip filling.

I was SO proud of these and they were amazing! I used the lighter cake ball recipe from Skinny Taste. These are cake inside instead of cake AND frosting. Really lightens them up so then you can eat 4 instead of 1. ha. 

I used a cute vintage looking apron I had from Sur La Table to help decorate the table. 

 Delicious homemade granola in mason jars as favors. Get my recipe here.

Grape, orange, and club soda punch. 


 My lovely guests!

 Playing our first game-a kitchen/food quiz. 

 An adorable ramekin and mini whisk, both from World Market for game winners.

 Cute mugs!
All the loot!

Some of my favorite ladies! Hope you had a great time Margo! 
So excited for you and Drew!
The Menu

-Mini toast with goat cheese, cumber and dill (recipe coming soon!)
-Mini toast with roasted beet, goat cheese, and sea salt

Main Course
-Dill Ham Sandwiches (recipe coming soon!)  
-Side salads brought by fabulous friends
-Fruit platter brought by another fabulous friend

-Mini cannoli
-Skinny cake pops     

-Homemade granola in mason jars
-Ramekins with mini whisks (prizes for game winners)

The Games 

Kitchen Themed Games
-What's Cooking Quiz (questions about different foods and cooking items)
- Recipe for a Good Marriage (ask guests to write marriage advice on notecards and then read them and have the Bride guess who wrote them) 
-Identify the kitchen gadget (I put 20 of my funniest looking kitchen gadgets in a bowl and made guests identify them-The most anyone was able to identify was 11 I think!)  

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little vintage kitchen shower! Of course you could transfer a lot of these recipes and ideas to other parties or dinners as well!

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