Meet Austin: Your Mom's Burger Bar

One of my new goals for 2013 was to try a few new restaurants a month in Austin. It seems like an easy goal because there are so many great choices but it's actually the hardest goal because there ARE too many good choices!

I love finding new places from deal sites like this great burger joint I found from TravelZoo.

Your Mom's Burger Bar in Austin (off Airport Blvd) is famous for it's stuffed burgers and they didn't disappoint. I tried the "Willie Nelson" which was "a 1/2 pound burger stuffed w/ American cheese, tossed in honey BBQ sauce then topped off w/ bacon, a fried onion ring & B.B. King sauce on Texas toast." Can I just say, yum? Although I'm a sucker for anything with barbeque sauce and onion rings!

And the fries were really good. And the fried pickles were good (but a little too thick for my taste). And finally, those sweet potato fries drizzled with caramel were awesome. Definitely order those if you go. 

We really enjoyed our lunch there and the owner was a fun nice guy. It's not a huge place so I wouldn't recommend a group over 6 as the tables don't really accommodate it.

Anyways, stop by if you want a fun place and big juicy burger! We loved it!

The "Willie Nelson" (without the Texas toast)

The James Brown (with pulled pork)...I had a bite and it was good!

The Robert deNiro- " A 1/2 burger tossed in Mom's marinara sauce, stuffed with monterey jack, then topped with Italian sausage, parmesan cheese, tomato & grilled onions on a bed of fresh spinach on a toasted bun.

Irish "Nachos" aka cheese fries :)

This post is completely my own opinion. I was not compensated in any way for my opinions. I just liked this restaurant and wanted to share it with y'all!

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