Insta-Yum February

I feel like I have been slacking in my instagramming of food as of late. Perhaps I have been enjoying my food too much to bother posting photos?

 We had a blast checking out the new Gordough's restaurant. They serve giant donuts covered in yummy sweets and fruits. They also serve burgers on donuts and sandwiches on donuts! Crazy fun! (although hello heart attacks!)

 Cream cheese fruit donut from Gordough's. 

 Delicous steak with goat cheese butter over rice from Manuel's in Austin.
 Seriously this melted in my mouth. 
Not to mention then I had the most amazing flan of my life (pictured below).

I don't like flan but this changes my mind. It is firm not soft and has a coconut crust that is heavenly. Seriously, if you go to Manuel's definitely order the flan!

 A new sandwich from Jason's Deli- chicken with roasted onions and peppers. It was really good-too bad I don't remember the name of it!

Mac n' cheese pizza from Pinthouse Pizza in Austin. My friends ordered this but it was good! I don't know if I could eat a whole pizza of it but I had the Cannonball (meat pizza).

 Lovely salmon with green beans and tabouli from a luncheon at the Hyatt in Austin.
 Awesome beef crispy noodles from First Chinese BBQ in Chinatown in Austin. 
These were delicious-definitely get them if you go! 

 A Texas Roadhouse date for Valentine's Day meant that we needed a Bloomin' Onion!
 I have to say we didn't need it- we had plenty of food and 
this was a little too greasy for our taste. 

 I also tried a bubble smoothie for the first time from Short N Sweet Cafe in Chinatown! The smoothie was really good but I don't really like those tapioca balls at the bottom. They didn't taste like anything and every time I sucked one up through the straw it threw me off! 
But if you like bubble smoothies, this place was good and had lots of flavors!

 My corn fritters I made for cooking club. Get the recipe here!

 Asian pastries from Texas bakery at Chinatown. 

 Chicken and bell pepper pizza from Newk's cafe. Dip this in ranch and you will love me. 

 Yummy virgin Pina Colada from the Gristmill Restaurant in New Braunfels. This drink combined with the onions rings below = perfection.

 The best onion rings I have ever had. Crispy, flavorful batter from the Gristmill Restaurant-beautiful views, great service and delicious food.

 Yummy grilled cheese sandwiches from the Burro food truck at South Congress.
 They have artisan grilled cheese sandwiches and I tried the Waylon Willie- "beer bread, redneck cheddar, gruyere, caramelized onions, pepperocinis & spicy maple bacon sauce." They were a little slow since each sandwich was handmade fresh. 
Also, they are pretty small sandwiches but very flavorful!

 Barbeque sandwich from Taylor Cafe. I wasn't very impressed with their food. It was good don't get me wrong-but not great. Although it was a fun experience trying out a local hangout and the owner, who is in his 80's is there every day! Next time we go to Taylor for BBQ I hope Louis Mueller is open! (this day it was closed due to TWO pit fires!!)

Potato crusted chicken over pasta from Olive Garden
The pasta wasn't great but the chicken was really good. 

This chocolate mousse cake from Olive Garden was actually really good! I especially loved the little crunchy chocolate balls on top!

Any new recommendations for places for me to try?

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