Insta-Yum January!

Here are my January eats!  My husband and I have a goal to eat at least 2 new restaurants in Austin per month and so far we are doing great! Definitely comment with suggestions for us if you have some good ones!

Chicken and broccoli from Pei Wei!
Fish and chips at On The Waterfront in Venice Beach, CA. 
Food there is pretty good but there weren't a lot of other options either.
Awesome chicken satay (it came with it's own little flaming tower) 
from Thai Spoon in Round Rock.
The Terlingua burger from Hopdoddy. There burgers are amazing but this was not my favorite one I have had there. The llano poblano, the goodnight, primetime-all amazing.
Awesome stuffed burger, I had the "Willie Nelson"  from Your Mom's Burger Bar in Austin. 
It's a fun little restaurant with great burgers, I definitely recommend it.
Barbeque chicken pizza from The Cheesecake Factory.
Sushi from Ka-Prow in Austin.
 There sushi is good but I need to get better at ordering, I'm not very good at ordering what I want!
We went to the Lindt chocolate outlet at San Marcos. It was closing and we only bought this many! 
I wish we had bought boxes full!
Japanese pan noodles with parmesan crusted chicken from Noodles & Co. I love all their pastas. Yum!
Vietnamese 5 spice chicken from Sunflower Restaurant in Austin. This was pretty good, but the lemongrass chicken was better but there lunch specials are a really good deal.
Vert's Kebap shop in Austin. Awesome Berlin style doner kebaps with lamb or chicken, awesome cucumber sauce and lots of feta cheese in a pita. Delicious, definitely check it out.
Need I say more?
The famous chicken tenders, fries and the most amazing garlic bread from Raising Cane's. I wasn't a big fan of their signature sauce but I did like the honey mustard.

We had fun at Raising Cane's eating chicken tenders :)

On my 1 year anniversary of working at my current job,
 I picked myself up a little sundae from Sonic to celebrate.
"The best fries in Austin" from Hyde Park Bar and Grill. The fries were good (I wouldn't say the best I've ever had) but I didn't like the thick sauce that came with it. They were much better with ranch.

Also from Hyde Park Bar & Grill- Slow roasted pork with macaroni and a soft boiled egg and fresh basil. This was very good but different than I was expecting. I was thinking it was more of a macaroni and cheese with pork but it was more pork with macaroni and cheese, if that makes sense?

Any new places I should try in Austin? Where have you eaten that you enjoyed?

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