Meet Austin: Savory Spice Shop

With a New Year comes new things! You may have noticed a little update on my blog design and I hope you like it!

I am also excited to announce a new series called Meet Austin. I am going to post periodically about different food related places or events in Austin: restaurants, stores, products, festivals, etc. I am excited to share this part of my life and of Austin with everyone! It is such an incredible city and has so much to offer!

My dad recently came to visit me and I was so excited to show off all the fun food places in Austin! My dad has been one of my biggest inspirations for me - he really is the one who taught me how to cook and he I share a passion for cooking, spices, and ingredients. So I was so excited to visit Savory Spice Shop on 6th Street with him.

The walls were covered in spices...basically my dream! They have different sections of all different kinds; sweet, savory, exotic. They even have whole sections of different peppers and salts. 

 I love that you can get whole jars of spices or you can have them measure out as much or as little as you want. This is great for recipes that call for only 1/8 teaspoon and you make it once or a year. 
Or if you bake a lot, you could get a big bag of cinnamon!
 I love the flexibility beyond just buying a jar at the grocery store.

 I want one of these! You cook meats on them in the oven and they have a slight saltiness from cooking on this salt brick. Very cool. 

The store was just so charming and I loved wandering around looking at all the 
different spices and dreaming of what I can cook up! 

I can't wait to buy this rose water and make homemade baklava-it is on my list this year! They also have all kinds of extracts like almond, vanilla, peppermint, cherry, chocolate etc.

 My dad and I had a blast in there!

He even was able to purchase some Ghost Pepper Salt. For those of you who don't know, ghost peppers are the hottest peppers known to man! You aren't event allowed to open the containers in the store and Karen had to go in a back room with special gear to measure it out for my dad. 
He loves crazy spicy but that is too intense for me!

It was such a pleasure to meet Karen, the owner, she is so kind and helpful, as all of the staff there were! They helped me pick out the different cinnamon and spiced paprika I needed. 

 My loot! These spices are for some Thai dishes I want to make.

Karen was also kind enough to give me one of their gift boxes of spices 
as a member of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance.

 I got the popcorn seasoning kit and it was fun to try all the different kinds on my popcorn!
 I can also use the seasonings in the kit for other things like macaroni and cheese or the honey powder for baking-I can't wait to try them more!

They had lots of other fun gift sets like BBQ spices, Steak Lover's, Cocoa powders and all kinds of other fun gift sets. This would be a great place to get your favorite foodie whatever they wanted.
 (hint hint)

I hope for your next culinary adventure that you will stop by the Savory Spice shop! I am so excited to have featured them for my first Meet Austin post! Look for a Savory Spice Shop near you too-in case you can't come visit Austin anytime soon!

I went to Savory Spice Shop all on my own. Once there, the owner generously offered me the popcorn kit as a gift. But all opinions are my own and I genuinely really liked it and will be going back!

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