Insta-Yum December

Time is flying by already this year! Here is my final month of food from 2012. I hope you have been enjoying seeing what I have been eating and where I have been going. I always love seeing people's food photos and where they recommend.

Thanks for sticking with me on this food journey I like to call Life!

The fanciest BLT I have ever had from TRIO at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin. 
I think it was coated in butter but it was o so delicious.

Bad pictures but really good fried pickles from Flix Brewhouse
Of course, it didn't hurt that I was watching Twilight while eating these.

Another delicious burger from HopDoddy. And those fries. And that yummy soda. Need I say more?

Chicken pot pie soup from Jason's Deli. This is the most comforting soup. I love it. 
It's like slurping the filling from a pot pie and they even give you that yummy pastry on top.

Chicken tacos with rice and beans from Chuy's
Drizzled with their special jalapeno ranch I can eat anything from there.

Chicken salad sandwich and sides from Texas French Bread. Honestly, I was unimpressed (sorry!). I'm wondering if their dinners are better?

Strangely enough, two days later I was at Chuy's again. This time with my handsome brother in town. We had the loaded queso and it was the bomb. I can't remember what entree I had..I think Jason and I split fajitas with my husband but I was too busy enjoying time with my favorite brother to remember. 

Chocolate torte with raspberry sauce from Main Street Grill in Round Rock.
 I also had the steak and shrimp dinner and it was delectable. 
A pricey restaurant btu worth it for special occasions and visitors.

More amazing tacos from Torchy's Tacos. Had to bring my dad here while he was in town. 
He was converted! I love the Crossroads and Trailer Trash.

 A great cheeseburger from Crown Burger in Salt Lake City. 
Rated the  best burger in Salt Lake in 2011 and I agree!

 These yummy cheeses are from my house but they made me very happy so I wanted to share with you! We had several dinners of crackers, cheese, fruit and summer sausage. Reminds me of the holidays and a great weekend with my dad. 

 The best Mexican food in Pocatello, Idaho- a flauta and a sopito from El Herradero.

 A great waffle from Elmer's in Pocatello.
This is a chain so look for one near you!

 Twisted potato chips with white queso topped with fresh pico de gallo from Applebee's. I was skeptical of those kind of chips with queso but it was actually really darn good and bonus! Only $6.49. I would go back just for this appetizer and a Coke any day. 

 The best fried chicken, mashed potatoes and creamed corn in the land from Babe's Chicken
O and amazing flaky biscuits-that you can smother in honey.
You pay a flat fee for either chicken fried steak or fried chicken but then the sides are unlimited.

 I can't say I was adventurous enough to try any of these sodas but they did make me laugh. 
Our friend tried the bacon soda and said it was disgusting. No surprise there! haha.

 This is the Western. Delish.
  Great burgers from Twisted Root Burger Company in Roanake, Texas. Really creative burgers, fun sides like sweet potato chips, fried green beans and pickles and a fun atmosphere. They give you a character or celebrity name for your food so they call "Britney Spears" and you have to go pick up your food. It was also featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

 Few things in life I love more than cookies. Wait, I love cookie sandwiches more. 
And a little treat for $1.50?
 Life is good.

Where should I eat next? Let me know if you have any recent favorites I need to check out!

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