Insta-Yum October

I can't believe it is already November!! Where did October go? October was a great month because of all the family birthdays including my husband's and mine and then Halloween! That means lots of good food!

I found these Lacey's cookies at the grocery store and they were amazing. I ate every last one of them. I love the toffee and the chocolate crunchiness.
 Red Lobster for my husband's birthday. It was good but not great.
We got our fill for the next few years. haha.
We had a recent event at work and it was catered by a catering company called Spirited Food
All the appetizers and desserts were so delicious and cute too!

 These were tangerine pudding with crunchy almonds and it was amazing!

 Apples with goat cheese!
 My plate with the little appetizers! 

 Oreo ice cream cookie from Freddy's. This was good and only $1.00.
 I made this pumpkin bread and it totally failed. Darn you Pinterest, this recipe was no good. 

On my recent trip to Boston here is what I ate!

 Five Guys Cheeseburger with my pregnant best friend :)
 We needed to wash our burger down with something so this Oreo Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory seemed appropriate! haha
 Chicken pesto pizza from The Upper Crust.
 Shrimp and scallops penne pasta in a garlic cream sauce from the famous Giacomo's 
 in the North End of Boston.

Of course, we had to get cannolis in Boston so we hit up the famous Mike's Pastry!!

 I had the Florentine and it was definitely the best one! I loved the crunchy toffee like shell better than the regular shell.
 We had lunch in Cambridge at the Russell House Tavern and I had this awesome pork sandwich with apples and cheese and I can't remember what else but it was good.
 Frozen yogurt with mochi and sno caps from Orange Leaf yogurt!

 These were delicious. M&M's, why do you keep making so many good kinds?

 Awesome garlic naan from Teji's Indian Restaurant in Round Rock.

 Husband made me this delicious pork chop, mashed potato and green bean dinner!

 Diet Coke glass bottles with homemade grilled cheese with apples and onions that my Boston host, Jessica made for dinner. Seriously these sandwiches were to die for, I could have had 5!
 My box from Boston from Elizabeth at On Tap for Today.
 Chicken tenders and a loaded sweet potato from Logan's Roadhouse
Not as great as Texas Roadhouse but pretty good!

 Who knew they still make McGriddles?  A heart attack waiting to happen but delicious. 

 Frito pie at the Texas State Fair!

 Turkey leg at the Texas State Fair!

 Fresh cheese stuffed jalapenos at the fair!
 Fresh dipped ice cream bar at the Fair!

 Carrot cake for my birthday! 
(from the grocery store-I wasn't baking on my own birthday!)

 Garlic shrimp and onion rings from Tierney's Cafe and Tavern in Lewisville.
The onion rings were really good and the shrimp was pretty good. 

 Club sandwich with broccoli cheese soup from the Blue Baker in Austin. This place bakes all their own breads and desserts and I will definitely be going back to try their salads and more breads.
 Barbeque chicken pizza from Newk's in Austin. This was really good, definitely going back to try their soups, salads and sandwiches!
 Meatball sub from Firehouse subs. My first sub from there and it was good! I will have to try a regular sub next time to give my full verdict but my husband really likes theirs. 

 Dark chocolate break and bakes. Tastes more like a brownie but who's complaining?

 I made 34 caramel apples for work. I think I am good for awhile on thinking about caramel apples! 

 Pretzel pub chicken sandwich from Jack in the Box. Actually this was pretty dang good for fast food. I would get it again with no onions.

Finally barbacoa and chicken tacos on Halloween from Chipotle. I wore my costume so they only cost $2.00!

Happy October everyone! 
Did you eat anywhere yummy last month??

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