Insta-Yum August

Take a look at all the delicious food I ate in August. Hopefully next month's looks slightly healthier since I am officially on Weight Watchers as of yesterday. I can't imagine why I have gained weight by looking at all these food pictures....curious, isn't it? ;) Anyways, I still plan to enjoy delicious Austin food, but maybe a little bit less of it with a few smarter choices!

 Buffalo chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries from Cheesecake Factory. Surprisingly good!
Fajitas from Chuy's not to mention the queso and chips. Delish!

 Orange chicken with brown rice from Mama Fu's. Delicious to say the least.
The biggest Pizookie I have ever seen, yet still not big enough for 7 girls! But it was still to die for. From BJ's restaurant.

 Amazing onion rings from The Park Restaurant at the Domain.
 Wednesdays are $5 pizzas at The Park at the Domain.
 The BBQ Chicken one (called BBQ Mutha Clucka) is by far my favorite 
with the inclusion of the bleu cheese.
 This bacon chicken alfredo was also good but not as good as the BBQ chicken!
 Millionaires pecan caramel clusters from HEB or you can buy them online here too.
 Unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks from Olive Garden. The breadsticks make it all worth it.
 BBQ chicken pizza from Craigo's Pizza.
Bruschetta from Craigo's-this was really good.
 Fresh basil with strong balsamic and crunchy crostini.

Tostadas from Taco Shack. These were actually really good, but the menu was pretty small so I'm not sure if I would go back. If I did, I would get these again though, with meat added.
Great buffalo wings from Plucker's Wing Bar. We had 3 flavors: Parmesan Garlic (awesome),  Goldrush (ok) and Spicy BBQ (really good). We also had sweet potato fries and the potato casserole, both awesome as well.

I think I have eaten everywhere in Round Rock now. Or am I missing some good places? Let me know! Now I just have to get through the 4,382 restaurants in Austin.....I DO like a challenge! :)

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