How to Throw a Waffle Party!

To mourn the moving away of some dear friends to the Netherlands, I decided to throw them a going away party. Since I don't know any Dutch food-I picked the next closest I could think of: Waffles! (Which they do have in Holland, they are just from Belgium originally).

As of late, I have been partial to parties where there is one main food that you can work the rest of the party around. In this case, I provided two different kinds of waffle batter, waffle irons, drinks and a few household toppings.I asked friends to bring fresh fruit, fresh whipped cream and the party was thrown together easily and the results? Delicious!

I also love that this could be a dessert party (as I did) or a breakfast party! And of course, if you want to make it heartier you could add a potato casserole, bacon or sausage and eggs. My guests loved just the waffles but it was also at night after dinner. Do what works for you! Get as creative as you want with batter too, you could do a chocolate chip waffle batter, a banana waffle batter or a chocolate waffle batter too. However, my husband did observe that the waffle batter is still a lot less important than the toppings, since you slather each waffle in toppings no matter the waffle flavor! So we chose to go simple and easy.

 The spread!

 Drinks...of course, milk and orange juice in pitchers would be much cuter but I was in a hurry!

 Toppings in small bowls to look cute
My personal waffle, I did a peanut butter section, 2 syrup sections and a fruit with whipped cream section. All were delicious!!
Make sure your waffles are made to order so they are fresh and hot. There is nothing worse than a soggy cold waffle! My husband (the cute guy above!) and I manned the waffle stations for about 25 minutes. If you don't want to man a station during your party, leave the batter next to a waffle iron with a notecard of instructions on how long and how much batter to place in the waffle maker. Instructions are key since each waffle iron has different depths, heat settings, and capacities. 

Most of the gang! We had a few couples leave before this picture so we ate a lot of waffles!

How to Throw a Waffle Party
The Apron Gal

Note: I would recommend 1 waffle per female guest and 2 waffles per male guest. Or rather 1.5 waffles per person. Make sure to factor this in when making your batter. Most recipes will need to be doubled to accommodate a larger group.

Main Items
Batch of homemade waffle mix (recipe to come!)
Drinks like milk, orange juice and water
Additional food (for a breakfast party) like eggs, bacon, potato casserole etc.  

Waffle irons (at least 2, the more the better!)

Large plates to accommodate a full waffle and a fork and knife to cut them

Fresh fruit like strawberries, bananas, blueberries or raspberries (everyone had some kind of fruit)
Homemade whipped cream or canned 
Powdered sugar
Peanut butter
Maple syrup
Nutella (this was the most favorite topping after fruit)
Caramel sauce (probably the 2nd favorite after Nutella)
Hot fudge
Anything else you can think of!

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