Austin Food Trucks

I couldn't wait to share the delicious food I have recently devoured from so many Austin food trucks. If you haven't jumped on the Food Truck Craze you should!

We did a little food truck "hop" one night with our friends.

First we went to Cazamance, an amazing African, specifically Senegalese food truck. Don't be scared by thinking African flavors would be outside of your comfort zone. They did a beautiful job of melding unfamiliar spices with comfort foods like these quesadillas and nachos! They were so unique but delicious. It was a very cool food experience! Not to mention this food truck was located at the back of a bar so it had cute picnic tables and even bean bag games. It was the perfect summer evening!

 It took quite awhile to get our food, but it was at this cute place so we didn't mind.

 Husband and friend, Matt, playing bean bags.
Cute little picnic type area.
 I don't remember everything on here: cheese, spiced tomatoes, squash, and brisket. 
Seriously the best nachos I have ever had.

Quesadillas with cheese, chicken and spinach with a chipotle yogurt dipping sauce. 
Again, delicious.

Then we went walking along Rainey Street in Austin until we found some other truck that lured us in. What caught my eye? This Spanish tapas truck, of course!
 (Have I mentioned I lived in Spain and have been back 3 times since?)

 Spanish meatballs: Albondigas. 
We also had a traditional Spanish Tortilla which was awesome, but it was too dark for photos.
I loved this truck but remember, this is legitimate Spanish food, NOT Mexican.
 Their menu had very traditional foods including pate, marinated olives, croquettes etc. 
All of which I love, but may seem unfamiliar to most!

We passed by this food truck, but didn't eat there since our parking meter was running out! 
Smelled like bacon though!

Then this weekend, we had an equally good experience at the food trucks on South Congress. 
First we had a chicken cone, a shrimp cone and a fry cone from Mighty Cone. 

 Fantastic! Seriously though, serve me something fried in a cone 
(very European too) and I will like it!
 Both the chicken and shrimp cones were out of this world. Our friends also got the fried avocado and loved those too (I am not the biggest avocado fan). Also, quick service and reasonably priced.
 Then we had some fish and chips from this awesome Cajun food truck. 
They had good food but took quite a long time to get the food.
 Fried oysters and crawfish as well. Our friend got this and liked it and I liked the crawfish!
 Our fish and chips. The fish was really flaky and tender but didn't have tons of flavor. 
I love any fries with seasoning so these were great in my book!
For dessert, I continued an evening of cones with a cone of chilled brownie with ice cream. 
Really good but really rich-perfect to split!

Needless to say, I love the Austin Food Trucks and we try to eat at them any chance we get!

Have you tried any awesome food trucks? Or are you not on the food truck bandwagon?

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