Cooking Club: July

My husband and I live in an apartment complex with about 9 other couples who are the same age, go to the same church, and generally hang out as much as possible. We do pool trips, girls' nights, "man" nights, and celebrate just about anything that gives us an excuse to party.

We have tons of girls' nights and as much as we love just hanging out or doing dinner, we have really loved craft nights and anything with food. My friend Allison had the brilliant idea to start a cooking club and with a little brainstorming, between the two of us we finally got it off the ground!

We invite about 20 ladies and we meet every other month. We rotate between houses and the host gets to pick a theme for the food that we all bring that night. We usually send an Evite out about 6 weeks before the next one and as it gets closer, people write in the comments what they are bringing so we don't overlap too much. I strongly suggest you start one with your friends!

Allison kicked us off with everyone trying and bringing recipes from the blog, Smitten Kitchen. I made this Lime Yogurt Cake with Blackberry Sauce. We enjoyed eating yummy food and having girl time, of course.

July was my month to host and I chose a "mini" theme. Everyone was invited to bring a "mini" appetizer or dessert. Can I tell you a secret? I have dreamed of having a "mini" themed party for a long time. I think mini quiches, sliders, or tarts are just about the cutest foods. In fact, anything in mini form looks and tastes cuter to me! The problem with mini foods? They almost always take a lot longer to make since they are usually individually made. So it was the perfect way to try lots of cute mini foods without me having to do all the work!

On to the delicious spread....

By cutting the straws in half, I made them "mini."

 Mango Cream Cheese Shortbread Tarts

 Mini pizza bites with marinara dipping sauce

 Mini rhubarb pies
Curry Almonde Chicken Fingerlings with Greek Yogurt Dipping Sauce

 Mini BLT's (so creative!)
 Stuffed Mushrooms
 Cinnamon Sugar Popovers

 Mini dessert cups with my homemade angel food cake
topped with strawberries and fresh whipped cream. 

 The Savory Table
The Sweets Buffet

Such a fun time to hang with the girls and so much good food!
 Next Cooking Club's theme is luau and I can't wait!

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