Insta-Yum May

I keep tweaking exactly how I do this but every month I am going to share all the pictures of food that I ate that I [mostly] didn't make aka food from restaurants, food trucks, friends or wherever else I encounter food that goes into my mouth. The end.

I hope you find it fun! I love looking at all the yummy food I have eaten. And yes, there is a lot of fried food, what can I say, I live in and love the South.

 My welcome lunch at work! So good! This is at a food trailer park in Austin nearby the Animal Shelter where I work. This was a philly cheesesteak sandwich. So fun!

Why are some Cokes just okay and others amazing? This one hit the spot after a lot of shopping with Mom and brother for Mother's Day weekend. It was from Chili's. Don't eat their food though-ha. 

Fried corn fritters from The Cheesecake Factory. I was so intrigued, and I wasn't disappointed. Definitely share these but they were sweet and crunchy and that sauce was divine.
 I recommend these for sure!

Shrimp Po' Boy from Casey's in Galveston, Texas. It was good and exactly what I wanted from a Po' Boy. It paled in comparison to the next place though:

Benno's on the Beach in Galveston, Texas. This amazing Cajun shrimp had awesome flavor, not to mention the spicy melt in your mouth potatoes and garlic bread. I don't do regular cole slaw though so I skipped those calories :) My husband and all the other guys on our trip got the Cajun platter and could NOT stop raving about it. Go here if you are ever in Galveston!

Pitas from Pita Fusion in Round Rock. I got the Chicken Caesar and it was good, not great. Jason got the gyro and really liked it. We will definitely be going back to see what else is good, my friends swear by the Veggie and the Philly.

I made this Lime Yogurt Cake with Blackberry Sauce from Smitten Kitchen for our first Cooking Club gathering this month.  For May we all brought a Smitten Kitchen recipe we liked (after trying a bunch). I am hosting next time and it is a "mini" theme and I am hosting at my place (exciting!!). 
I'll be sure to share pictures!

Homemade onion rings from The Highball in Austin. Good although I would have loved an accompanying sauce. If you haven't been to the Highball it's a swanky bowling alley, bar, restaurant, karaoke room, 50's themed (the cool stuff not the poodle skirts) place. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

I love these crackers for two reasons:
 1. Anything cheese and jalapeno flavored in my book is good
2. How amazing that all the little crackers are shaped like Texas?
Yes, please!
Fried pickles with housemade buttermilk ranch. A first for my husband (who hates pickles of all kinds) and he was converted. Just another testament to the fact that you can fry just about anything and make it taste good. From Frilly's in Denton, Texas where everything on the menu is awesome.

Blackened tilapia and dirty rice also from Frilly's. That fish was so light and flaky (did you notice I didn't get it fried? Point for Kasee)

Homemade burgers with the family. Yum!
Fried pies off the highway between Dallas and Austin. These are handmade individual (but big!) fried pies in flavors like chocolate, pecan, apple, cherry, lemon etc. 
Chocolate was not so good, pecan was good, and Apple was great.
A graduation party for a family friend. The theme was a little ice cream shop with 14 Blue Bell flavors. I tried Coconut Fudge for the first time and I am now a believer. Also, how cute is that blackboard? I am totally stealing that idea for a future party!

Have you eaten anything awesome lately? Have a new favorite restaurant?
Recommendations in Austin or Dallas?

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