Food Failures

I love to read food blogs. And trendy blogs. And decorating blogs. And the like.

And you know what my favorite posts are? The real ones. The one where the trendy girl has lipstick on her teeth or the decorator painted something totally wrong. The popovers popped and the dream vacation ended in a sunburn and the Swine flu.

Is that so wrong of me?

Well, as highly unlikely as it is, that you think me, to be one with perfect recipes and perfect days I thought a little look into all the recipes that fail for me might be entertaining. These are just a few because most don't have finished pictures since usually as I am tasting along the way, it becomes obvious that the would not be worthy of you, my awesome Apron readers.

I can laugh about these failures now but at the time it's so disappointing for all the hard work I put in. Being a good cook includes knowing when things fail and to let them go! Most of these I will never be making again, but they were still good experience and could be used as inspiration for future dishes!

Here are a few food failures as of late:

 Cream cheese daintys...just weren't very flavorful. I was unimpressed.

 Homemade granola bars. 
These were delish but didn't stay together so I will try again soon and bring you the recipe!

 Homemade Samoas! The coconut and chocolate mixture were good but the cookie layer was crumbly and dry and ruined the whole thing. Too bad cause I like the pictures!

 This beautiful S'mores pie took me forever to make and it was for a "Pi Party" I was attending. I was SO excited! Then I cut into it and the pudding/custard layer was all watery and ruined the whole thing. Let's just say I have had better culinary days!

This cilantro lime rice was just plain boring. And slightly overcooked. Just eh overall. 
I was hoping it would have a little more pop!

Homemade cheese straws. Again, too boring. Lots of work for little flavor!

Anyways, these are only the failures I have pictures of! There are lots of things I make that don't end up with photos or that I can't even bear to show you (yuck!).

But like I said, just a little glimpse into the daily failings of all my cooking! It's hard sometimes to try and keep cooking when it doesn't work but then I get the itch again and I can't help it!

I hope you don't let your food failures keep you from trying new recipes. Keep cooking!

Have you had any crazy food failures? Does it frustrate you? I want to hear your stories!

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