Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

I feel like it's time to be real with you guys.

I sure wish I had time to plan parties and execute them before the actual holiday in order for me, to provide you, my lovely readers, with great ideas and recipes. However, if we are being real here, I am not nearly that on top of it.

I was lucky to even pull off my own Cinco de Mayo party on the cinco and not end up with a Siete de Mayo party, tehehe.

So I hope you still love me. I hope you get something good out of this for next year's Cinco de Mayo party or perhaps you want to have a Cinco de Junio party next month. Or just a Mexican fiesta themed event in general, I think these would all apply!

But without further ado, my little Cinco de Mayo fiesta from this weekend:

I tried to stick with red, green and white colors to be as authentic as possible! If you don't want to buy specific decor just use what you have that is red, white and green or just bright fun colors.

 I made this little banner for the door out of construction paper and ribbon. My original plan was for this to be much much bigger but as the hours ran out I opted for mini instead, which I liked :)

 Fiesta decorations...I think these are from Hobby Lobby!

 That bowl actually is from Mexico. Jason and I bought it on our honeymoon and I even haggled the price down in Spanish, very much impressing my new husband. 

Maybe it's because I don't drink alcohol that I am always looking for fun drinks to spice a party up. This time I opted for homemade virgin Pina Coladas and Jarritos (a Mexican soda you can find in most grocery stores either in the soda aisle or the Latin food aisle). Both were a hit! 

 Plus it matched my red and green theme!

Pina Coladas for the guests! I used my recipe here, but I usually just  throw the ice, pineapple and coconut cream in the blender until it tasted good!
I also added some mango too and that made a yummy Mango Pina Colada!

Just a few this time since we were having enchiladas for dinner!

 Friends brought different salsas to share, next year I think I would do a salsa competition!
This cute salsa bowl was only $.99 at H.E.B.

Word to the wise: Do not serve guacamole in the same dish you make it in. Good thing my friends are really good friends, they didn't care what it looked like but I am embarrassed of this photo!

White queso dip. This was gobbled up! Recipe to come!

Main course:

 Pans and pans of enchiladas! Lots of people to feed!

Homemade refried beans not fried at all! 

 Sour cream enchiladas, these could have been better,
 I feel like I haven't found the best enchilada recipe yet!

 Homemade pinto beans in the crock pot, these were delicious, recipe to come!

   Homemade black beans with cilantro lime rice (not pictured)


Sopapilla Cheesecake...amazing! Recipe coming soon!

Anyways, recipes to come! I hope you had a great Cinco de mayo! Did you make anything delicious? Have a party? Was there a Pinata?

And just to prove I actually have people attend my parties, a group shot: 

 Thanks for coming guys, hope you had fun!

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