Homemade Pasta...Mmm

Quite awhile ago, I was inspired by watching Julie and Julia and decided to do something super domestic. I opened up my cookbook and found this recipe for homemade pasta and decided to give it a go on a whim.

It took a lot of effort but was quite an experience, I'd say everyone needs to do this at least once in their life. Click here for the recipe.

I will show the basics via photos, but use the real recipe for specifics (yes, they are vital for this one!) My biggest piece of advice other than following the instructions is to be sure and add the herb of your choice. Honestly, it is what makes the pasta melt in your mouth. Don't skimp!

After making the dough, then it needs to be rolled out. It takes quite a bit of rolling for each piece to get it to the specified quarter inch thickness.

Once you have rolled sufficiently, you have to decide what style of pasta you want. I chose the easy fettuccine and because that is what I wanted lol. For fettuccine you roll it up and then cut it up into the desired thickness. 

You get a bunch of these little roly polys after cutting them up. 

Then you have to individually unwrap each roll and lay it out to dry again. 
Yes, I know each step is a little tedious but the results are worth it.

Then you boil it for a few minutes (literally) and it is fantastic. I also used a homemade alfredo sauce recipe  which really topped it all off nicely. This dish literally melted in my mouth. I added chicken and broccoli since those are our personal favorites, feel free to change as desired. 

The final product:


  1. It looks both beautiful and delicious. Better than what I made for dinner tonight.

  2. Yum! The photo looks like it should be in a cookbook. jt

  3. Girl!!! You need to get a pasta machine. The kind that has the hand crank and it rolls it out thin. There's even a fettucini attachment. When we're in UT, we'll have to hook up and make some :) We'll be there soon!


  4. Not sure why it called me Bonnie on the previous post?!?! Weird. Oh, and I noticed I mispelled my own name. I better go back to bed and start over ;)



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