Cluck Cluck

Ok, I recently decided I wanted to try cooking a whole chicken since it was on sale for only 77 cents a pound! With a recipe only calling for a 3.5-4 lb chicken that is less than 3 bucks for dinner!

What I didn't know was what an adventure it would be! Ha!
The chicken still had its parts inside it-so this is what I found:

and this:
Anyways, this is what my little chicken friend looked like to start with, after being washed:

But then I seasoned her up with sage,thyme, basil, garlic, and butter and added some veggies and popped her in the oven for 1.25-1.5 hours. (those are really all the instructions):

and VOILA!!!!
Delicious! I strongly recommend this healthy and easy dinner to all!

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